Pink Beach East Lombok

Pink Beach Lombok is one in all the traveller destinations in East Lombok ar the additional widespread as a result of it's the natural beauty and individualism of the sand-colored pink. The name is actually a Beach Tangsi approximately 1.5 Km long with an area of 6 meters in the beach tour the rolling hills that forms the coves and its in there are several small islands called gili.

Tourists visiting this area can visit several beaches that have the color pink sand and small islands. Pink color comes from the red corals are dying and melting, mixed with soft white sand so it looks pink. The location of the Pink Beach is located on the eastern coast of the island of Lombok, in Sekaroh Village, Jerowaru Sub-district, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

Pink Beach east lombok
The Way Towards The Pink Beach Lombok

  1. Public transportation. Through Mandalika station towards market Jerowaru, then the t-junction of Tanjung Ringgit. Estimated time of 4 hours from Mataram.
  2. Private vehicles. The Highway passes Mantang 76.4 Km, estimated time 2 hours 51 minutes of Senggigi.
  3. Public transportation. By Raden Puguh mileage 73.3 Km, estimated time is 1 hour, 52 minutes, heading towards Tanjung Luar, then use a public boat.
  4. Package Tours. Via Highway Bypass Lombok International Airport 79.4 Km, estimated time is 1 hour, 52 minutes, then either using a boat to pink Beach price including rent a private boat. We highly recommend you choose to use a package tour through Tanjung Luar, from where this boat because the more places you can enjoy including small islands and less time.
There are several places that you can visit if you select line from the Cape Out when you select go to Pink Beach, among which are:

1. Desert Island Sand island

Sand Island, Pulau Pasir, Desert Island
The island appeared when the water receded, if the wind is coming from the Southwest then appearances starting in the morning, while the South wind comes up in the afternoon, at a time when such the sand island became the last destination after you flip of the pink beach. There is no life in this small island there are only white sand small pepper shaped like sand on the beach of Tanjung Aan.

You will see so many sea stars with an assortment of colors and not far from this place there are the inhabitants of Gili Marengkeq is the community of Bajo. When briefly stopping by you can see how the lives of the fishermen society, and they also have craft of weaving can be set as gift shop.

There are views of the unusual and quite unique from the three islands near sand island Marengkek Gili, Gili i.e. goats and one other small gili. At low tide a sand path will be built connecting the three islands. The surrounding communities are using the roads as access to other islands.

2. Pink Beach Lombok 2 Once there

Once you get off the boat you will definitely feel the unusual, sand so soft as standing on top of the flour and of course also in color. There is no society that home on the coast of this stretch of the Green Valley and flanked by hills.

3. Gili Petelu
Gili Petelu
True to its name there are three small gili coastal hills shaped each other to connect. The uniqueness of this place there are two different shore separated by white sands about 2 meters wide. This place is the spot for snorkels, water clear greenish colored so that essentially can be seen.

At the bottom of the Sea you will see the beauty of the power of the creator that is so wonderful, there are hundreds of types of fish with diverse colors, one color and diverse fish Nemo blue corals are known to live only in two places in the world, in the waters of the Caribbean and on Lombok.
While other parts of its divided by the shore, is the point for you to see near sharks, Captain of the boat will guide you to see directly the predator of the sea, but here a shark is harmless and most large size we've ever seen with a length of about 1 meter.

Tip: don't forget to bring the bread so that You always swim in each loop around the fish. For maintaining the sustainability of the fish and coral, try so you don't step on the reefs, which mostly lay people make it a foothold.

4. Pink Beach Lombok 1
 This beach was the one who first discovered and on tour to explore in the area, arriving at this location you will see more pink sand Beach of Pink sand softness, while 2 feels the same as the other reply beaches.
Pink Beach Lombok

Around the beach there are many small stalls selling young coconut and also snacks, different from the previous places of this region in the occupied by some heads of the family and the beach here's what scroll by the penempuh road. And to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach most of them choose to swim and also played in the sand while to look at the overall view of the beach can you ascending the hills are not very high.

5. Beach Semangkoq

Be on the correct aspect of the Pink Beach Lombok a pair of is that the next destination to be visited, this beach known as Semangkoq Beach (Bowl) as a result of the beaches area unit therefore curved  lips. There is no option to be able to get to this beach except by boat because it is flanked by hills that are quite high.
Beach Semangkoq, Pantai Pink, Pink Beach

This place is also a spot as there are anglers reef holes and supplied fish known by local people as well of the fish. Snorkeling can be your choice of activities available is to better enjoy its beautiful reefs and also its life.
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